The three gorges project hotel Win the year award
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On November 25, the three gorges project hotel were invited to attended the hotel industry peak BBS in hubei province of the ctrip. Conference issued the annual list word-of-mouth "best partner" and "the most popular hotel award" of ctrip in 2015, yichang are

The National Day, beautiful scenery-our smile
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The National Day, beautiful scenery-our smile

Shennongjia Skiing Two-Day Tour
We set out from Yichang at 7:00 a.m. by bus. It takes about 5 hours to arrive at Shennongjia Skiing Resort. Along the way, we can appreciate the beautiful scenery of pastoral in Xiaofeng, Shuifou Mountain in Gaolan and t

Three Gorges Half -day Tour (departure i
Itinerary: At 08:30 a.m. the bus depart from Yichang (14:00 p.m. depart), travels on the so-called "Museum of Highway, Bridge and Tunnel" in China ------ the special highway for Three Gorges. It takes about an hour to ge

¡¤¡° The Mountain, the River and the People ¡± Promote
¡¤¡°The Demolition ¡°---- the Three Gorges 3¡Á33 photog
¡¤Xiling Gorge
¡¤Wu Gorge
¡¤Qutang Gorge

¡¤All Fourth-Class Cabins was Cancelled in Cruise Sh
¡¤I was standing on the top of the Dam
¡¤Visit Three Gorges and See the Dam