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    China Three Gorges Tourism Development Company Ltd. is the wholly-owned subsidiary of China Three Gorges Project Corporation. The company has overall responsibility for the tourism management and exploitation of Three Gorges industorial industrial scenic spots.
    The business that the company operates can be divided into 4parts, that is scenic spots, hotels, travel agencys and transportation. Its main business includes the Three Gorges tourism region and Jiuwanxi Brooks. For the hotel part, Three Gorges Project Hotel is the Flagship hotel. It has jurisdiction over 5 hotels, including Three Gorges East Mountain Hotel, Three Gorges West Dam Hotel, Three Gorges Gedian Guesthouse, Gedian Hanban Hotel and the Training Center. Yichang Big Three Gorges International Travel Agency is the biggest international travel agency in Yichang. Except the field traffic for the Three Gorges constructers, Yichang Three Gorges Project Transportation Company Ltd. is also responsible for the tourism transportation in the Dam district.
    The registered capital of the compant is 150 million yuan, th e number of employee enrolled is 1380. ItĄ¯s the top tourism enterprise in Yichang.
    The Three Gorges Dam is national AAAAA level scenic spot and receives the biggest crowd of tourists each year along the Yangtze River. Jiuwanxi is the national AAAA level scenic spot. ItĄ¯s the most famous rafting zone in middle China.