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        The Three Gorges West Dam Hotel used to be called ¡°the Three Gorges Project Hotel¡¯s Lanjiang Building¡±. The hotel is attached to China Three Gorges Tourism Development Company Ltd. Located on the West Dam in Yichang where two sides of it face the Yangtze River, the hotel is just a few steps away from the world-known Gezhouba Water Control Project. The hotel consists of housekeeping department, food and beverage department, security department, laundry factory, sales department and other departments. The hotel has 92 guest rooms. Among them, there are 19 suites, 13 single rooms, 60 SRs. The total number of the bed is 152. The hotel also owns 2 council-chambers, each of them can hold 30 people at one time. All the rooms are well equipped in a fresh and clean style and all the rooms are equipped with WBN (wide-band network) and international satellite TV receiving service.
        Part of the guest rooms can enjoy the magnificent view of the Gezhouba Water Control Project from a parallel angle. While they are experiencing the warm service, business personages and tourists can take a sip of tea and losing themselves in the spectacular scene of the Gezhouba¡¯s flood discharge. Under the bright shine of the sunrise or the elegant glow of the sunset, you¡¯ll feel that your tour to Yichang is really worth it. The banqueting hall on the first floor of the food and beverage department can hold 250 people dining at one time. The multifunction hall on the second floor can hold 150 people. It can provide a set of service according to the guest¡¯s needs, such as banquets, buffet dinners or conferences. The dining-hall possesses a really luxurious room which is rare in Yichang. This room can hold 20 people and provide all kinds of top quality dining services. All the service facilities is available. The dining-hall also has 5 regular and small rooms which have been delicately decorated. Guests can make their chocies according to different banquet needs.
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