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        The Three Gorges Project Hotel is invested and founded by China Three Gorges Corporation as a international tourism hotel.
        Located in the world-known construction site of the Three Gorges, the hotel is close to Xiling Gorge. Standing by the window, you can have a panoramic view of the magnificent view of the construction site and the glamorous scenery of the Gorges and the River.
        The hotel was opened on November 8th, 1997. It has 26 stories above the ground and 1 story beneath it. The whole building has a height of 87.5m, with a 3-story east podium building and a 2-story west podium building. The primary decorating style of the hotel is elegant and graceful£¬fully indicating the guileless of people living in the Three Gorges. The Nayun Building has a beautiful environment with all kinds of facilities and a convinient transportation.(28km from downtown;30km from the train station;there is a special high way connected to the Three Gorges Project, it takes you only half an hour to get there;45 km from the airport, which means it¡¯s only a 50-minute car ride away though the high way) The main mission of the hotel is receiving big conferences and tour groups. It¡¯s the biggest hotel in Yichang which has received the largest number of conferences. The hotel is becoming the first choice for meeting affairs in Yichang. It was given the 4-star title on Auguest 18th, 2001.
        The reception desk is on the first floor of the hotel. It provides services such as check-in, inquiring, guest room message, receiving ang dispatching letters and check-out. The business center is well equipped. It can offer services such as Chinese/English typing, duplicating, image and text faxing and long distance phone calls both foreign and domestic. Moreover, it can also help customers with travelling services and air tickets or bus/ship tickets booking. The cafeteria is bright and clean. It has an area of 225m2, where 250 people can dinning at the same time. The cafeteria can supply both Chinese and Western buffet dinners and hold big banquets. The western restaurant can supply standard European style western food, with 50 dinning seats. The groggery can hold more than 50 people, supply all kinds of drinks and delicious snacks. The piano groggery in the lobby can let customers chatting with their families or friends while enjoying the drinks in the beatiful music. The commodity department has many different kind of things for sale, it¡¯s the perfect place for shopping. The cosmetology and hairdressing center can offer services like cosmetology, hairdressing and massaging. The bowling alley is equipped with international standard 8 path bowling alley and other supporting facility ( provided by Easton corporation ). It¡¯s a good place for guests to relax.
        On the second floor of the hotel, there is a 297m2 banqueting hall and seven top-class, luxurious house for big banquets. The dishes is mainly Sichun and Guandong style.Typical local foods are also supplied. Public entertaiment places on the second floor including: a fitness room, with multifunction combination frame, running machine, rowing and other advanced fitness equipment; a billiard room, with a international-standard Scirocco billiard room and other enquipments;a dance hall which can hold 100 people at one time. It supplys cocktails, beverages and beer on draft all the time.
        The third floor of the hotel mainly consist of different kinds of council-chambers. They can meet the needs of different meetings come in different scales. There¡¯re slideprojectors, OVHs and other advanced equipments in those council-chambers. Teas and beverages are available, too.
        From the 3rd to the 24th floor is the hotel¡¯s guest room. Among them, there are 219 SRs, 39 single rooms, 24 business suites, 4 luxurious suites, 1 president suites. Altogether there are 280 rooms. All the guest rooms are equipped with central air conditioner system, international direct dialing telephone, WBN (wide-band network), mini-groggery, refrigerator, satellite closed circuit TV. In the bathroom, there are shower and tubbing. Dinner delivering, clothes washing, waking up, telephone messages and other services are provided by the hotel. The door locks of the guest rooms are electronic magcard locks, which can fully ensure the guest rooms¡¯ safty.
        Altogether there are 5 elevators in the hotel. Among them are 2 sightseeing elevators and 1 fire elevator. Those sightseeing elvators were built and put into use on October 1st, 2002. Getting on the sightseeing elvator, you can have a panoramic view of the Dam district, the Gorges, and the River.
        Form the setting-up, the Three Gorges Project Hotel has received many our Party and state leaders, such as Jiang Zeminn, Li Peng, Zhu Rongji, Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao. Besides, the hotel has also received Dr. Kissinger, the former American Secretary of State; the former French prime minister; Lesotho, the King of South Africa; Sirindhorn, the Princess of Thailand; Williams, the chairman of Siemens and many other famous foreign people. Ambassadors from France, Israel,Brazil and other countries were received by the hotel, too. They all spoke highly of the hotel.
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